GFMD members - Lebanon

Gulf Centre for Human Rights

The Gulf Centre for Human Rights (GCHR) is an independent, non-profit NGO that provides support and protection to human rights defenders (HRDs) in order to promote human rights, including but not limited to freedom of expression, association and peaceful assembly. We do this through documenting cases and publishing appeals and reports, organising training, carrying out UN and international advocacy, facilitating emergency support and convening networking meetings. GCHR is based in Lebanon and documents the environment for HRDs in the Gulf region and neighbouring countries, specifically Bahrain, Kuwait, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, the United Arab Emirates and Yemen. GCHR was founded in 2011.

Maharat Foundation

Maharat is a catalyst, defending and advancing the development of democratic societies governed by the values of freedom of expression and respect for human rights.

Maharat advances the societal and political conditions that enhance freedom of expression and access to information, both online and offline. Maharat engages and equips a progressive community in Lebanon and the MENA region with the skills and knowledge necessary to create change.

Media Association for Peace - MAP Lebanon

MAP seeks to get media involved in the peacebuilding process, knowing that they are key actors towards reaching a world where sustainable peace prevails. In this regard, MAP aspires to get media to shed light on Human Rights, the need for Dialogue and Reconciliation, and the necessity and benefits of gender equality on the society. MAP also aspires to raise environmental awareness, to upkeep sustainable development and to encourage social justice. The organization works on achieving this mission and reaching this vision by advocating, training, practicing, and developing the model of Peace Journalism by both holding and attending trainings, workshops, conferences, public discussions and seminars. Additionally, MAP publishes journalistic articles and audiovisual reports applying Peace Journalism, as well as forms partnerships with other institutions in Lebanon, the MENA region, and the world.

SKeyes Center for Media and Cultural Freedom

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